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Why Us?

"Fashion King" stocks a large selection of high quality cashmere, gabardine, wool, mohair, linen, cotton and silk fabrics.



9 Good reasons why you should shop and appreciate Frank and Vanita at Fashion King
1. Knowledgeable
With experience, Frank can answer every question related to textile.
2. Skilled
Finest fit with well organised, trained, professional & experienced creative designers.
3. Value
Budget affordable, competitive rates with no compromise on quality.
4. Service
Individual attention in a comfortable atmosphere to ensure your satisfaction.
5. Convenience
Easily accessible main entrance of Galare Food and Shopping center.
6. Principle
Quality, Punctuality, Hospitality, Sincerity, Responsibility & Accountability.
7. Products
Anything in textile, if there is a name we have it. We stand by our products, its values and its quality.
8. Speciality
100% Egyptian Cotton, 100% Thai Silk, Blended wool, 100% Cashmere.
9. Satisfaction