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Another satisfied customer in his made to measure suit. One photo of a customer is worth more than a thousand words from us. Mother and daughter both with a beautiful new dress made to measure .
Total new outfit and her expression tells us she is extremely pleased. Photo taken of couple that had their wedding attire prepared by "Fashion King".
Photo taken of couple that had their wedding attire prepared by "Fashion King"

Other Testimonials

"My clothes were perfect & the most wonderful people I have met in Thailand! Love them!"

- Dersonda G. from France

"It was nice to be here. My compliments for the service and friendlyness."

- Peter from Holland

"Awesome work. I've never had pants fit me like this. Thank you - you are a beautiful person."

- Memetria from France

"Thank you so much for 2 beautiful suits. But even more thank you for the warm atmostphere and good conversation at your shop. Good to get to know you! God bless you!!!"

- Marhu & Kirsten from Germany

"Thank you so much for the wonderful service, excellent quality and efficient service. You have been kind to us as well. Thank you!"

- Tome & Pamela from Scotland

Dear Frank and Vanita,
This has been a wonderful experience for us. The suit and dress are perfect - best we have ever had. Best of all is the relationship we had to get to know the both of you.

- Doug & Jackie from USA

"Coming to your shop (every night it became a habit) made our stay here really worthwhile, not to speak of the wonderful clothes you made."

- Marie & Christin from Germany

"Thank you dear friends for the gorgeous work and beautiful clothes!!! Thank you for the dinner too! :)"

- Patty from USA

"Wonderful people, fantastic service and excellent craftmanship. Thank you very much."

- Darrell from Australia